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List of Upcoming Elections in India 2019 – 2020 (Future Elections)

India being a nation containing 29 states, the country has elections taking place every year in different states after a state government completes its 5-year term. Assam (BJP won), Kerala (LDF won), Puducherry (Congress won), Tamil Nadu (AIADMK won) and West Bengal (Trinamool Congress won), these are the states where the assembly elections in 2016 […]

Lok Sabha Election

Punjab General (Lok Sabha) Election Results 2019 – Candidates List, Voting Date & Polling

Lok Sabha Election Result 2019 – Punjab (Lok Sabha) General Election Results 2019 – General Parliamentary Polls: The north-west state of India has the majority of the Sikh citizen, Punjab, was formed in 1947. Earlier, the state was divided and was a part of two different states Haryana and Himachal Pradesh in 1966. The state […]

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The Lingayat Question: The one imponderable in the Karnataka Assembly Election 2018

In the Babaleshwar pick demographic in Vijayapura scene, spoke to by Water Assets Priest M.B. Patil, people from the Rashtriya Basava decalitre battling for the Congress abstain from encountering supporters of the Pancha Peetha diviners of the Veerashaiva confidence WHO ar campaign for the BJP. For over seven days currently, Prabhu Angadi, Ningappa Belligatti, and […]


Nipah Virus: What is Nipah Virus? Signs, Symptoms Treatment and Prevention

Nipah Virus: What is Nipah Virus? Signs, Symptoms Treatment and Prevention   Nipah Virus: What is Nipah Virus? How does it spread? Signs, Symptoms Treatment and Prevention What is Nipah Virus? Nipah virus (NiV) belongs to the family Paramyxoviridae, genus Henipavirus. Initially, the Nipah Virus was isolated and identified when encephalitis and respiratory illness was spread amongst […]

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Karnataka Exit Polls 2018, Opinion Poll, Latest News, Poll Date, Result: All you need to know

April 18 is the deadline for Narendra Modi set by First Female Lingayat Seer Endorses Siddaramaiah The first female Lingayat seer, Mate Mahadevi has asked the community to back the Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and Congress party in the upcoming assembly elections in the Karnataka. She said BJP is lying and misguiding people, slamming Amit Shah. […]