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Ties broken by Indian regional party with BJP right before Lok Sabha elections

A party leader declared this Tuesday that the Ties have been broken by their very strong regional political party, the ties they had with Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) that is ruling most of the country and also in the central government. They were allies for about 3 decades and their alliance was based upon nationalist […]

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Till June 12 Schools and Colleges Close in Kozhikode as The Nipah Virus Continues to Haunt People

News India (Kerala): The Nipah Virus infamous for damaging the brain killed 16 people in Kozhikode and Mallapuram the districts of Kerala is possibly on a second outbreak. A warning issued by the health minister of the southern state says that the virus can erupt again, people of the state are already suffering and this […]

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2018 Karnataka Polls: Contesting Parties and 2655 Candidates

The approaching province Assembly Elections, scheduled to have persevered Saturday, twelve could 2018, can see a score of political parties battling it out for management of a number of the 224 seats that square measure aiming to polls this year. As reported by News18, thirty-six of those 224 seats square measure reserved for Scheduled Castes […]