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Delhi General (Lok Sabha) Election Result 2019 – Parliamentary Polls

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Lok Sabha Election Result 2019 – Delhi General (Lok Sabha) Election Result 2019 – General
Parliamentary Polls:
 New Delhi is the capital of India and a lot of things actually don’t depend on the Delhi polls. It is a part of Parliamentary polls that will be commended in 2019 however, to say it is not an integral part. It only has 7 seats in total which were bagged by BJP during the last election of Lok Sabha.

However, being the center to rule, it holds a lot of power in the election. In the current scenario, there are no updates from the Election Commission on the Lok Sabha polls dates or other information.

Even the political parties are not showing much of a strategy for now. Once the official statement by Election Commission will be made then the parties will start showing the actual planning like rallies and promotional activities. Then as pert he schedule, the main voting will start as per the schedule announced by EC. After the voting in each and every corner of India will be done, the counting will start and the winners will be announced. The head of the party to receive maximum votes will win the seat of Prime Minister.

Delhi (Lok Sabha) Election Result 2019 – Parliamentary Polls

The parties have yet to make any official announcement on the face for the Prime Minister. However, people have their own assumptions and firmly believe that who will be the next in line if a part wins.

It is assumed that like last time, all the votes will not fall under BJP. Still, we can’t make any official yet with the records of small elections details. You never know which party will somehow come up as the winner.

Every party has a different face that will be represented as the nominee for the post of Prime Minister that will be serving the nation for a span of 5 years. Last time PM Narendra Modi was the face for BJP and we all have witnessed the remarkable win that he get hold off.

Next year, with so much competition and so many leaders coming in the race, it will be an interesting turn of event to experience the Lok Sabha election 2019.

  • Name of the Election: Indian General Parliamentary Polls
  • Total number of seats: 545
  • Election Commandment: May 2019
  • Result Declaration: NO updates yet
  • Participant: BJP, Congress AAP, and many more.
  • PM Candidate for AAP: No updates
  • PM Candidate for BJP: No updates
  • PM Candidate for Congress: Rahul Gandhi (No announcement)
  • PM Candidate of any other parties: No updates yet.

These are the basic that is related to the Lok Sabha election for the coming year. It will be a face to face war. We all have seen the leaders coming forward and directly attacking the opposition parties. The main face-off that people witnessed for the complete spam was BJP and Congress.

Many people are claiming that the basic fight is between these parties and they have got all the attention. However, no such claim was made by any of the members of each party. But it will be an interesting event to see how other parties will try to come out as a winner with the complete focus on these two parties.

The more intimidating things are to see the actual result this face-off will show us and how it is going to affect the upcoming elections. Nothing could be said with just a few statements made here and there. The actual thing will take a pace once the official announcement will be made by Election commission. Till then be updated with all the news and turns. Mark us as a bookmark to get them in hand updates.

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