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Gujarat General (Lok Sabha) Election Results 2019 – Parliamentary Polls

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Lok Sabha Election Result 2019 – Gujarat General (Lok Sabha) Election Results 2019: Parliamentary Polls: The Gujarat General Election results and BJP managed to put there as the winner. This is not the first time BJP has managed to win the western bastion. However, this is not just any plain election. These Gujarat General Elections have a bigger impact on national politics. As we all know that the battle for Lok Sabha elections is just around the corner.

This election has managed to put a question mark on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and has put a questionable criticism in his way at his own home state. This might have started as a social media meme but have fared to put BJP under the radar.

Irrespective of everything thrown in the way of BJP, they have managed to get a hold on the victory. However, there are many changes that could be seen by the public is happy with that. The ruling dispensation and caste satraps are the main issues that have managed to explain Congress’s performance in the state.

Also, as said by the Dalit activist Jignesh Mevani, who won assembly poll form Vadgam, on the won of BJP who only managed to grab 99 seats. “The country is all set towards change and this very reason is the behind BJP getting 99 seats in total from 150. This is the beginning and the storm claiming the change will arrive soon.’

This was mainly pointing out the economic reforms that PM Modi jagged out. Congress totally was in support of Melani’s independent polls. He has managed to face the public who backlash Dalit.

The counting of the votes usually starts when the vote is cast. The votes are collected on the VVPAT or EVM machine which is shifted to a secure place after the commandment of the election. It stays there till the time all the elections are done. Then the counting process takes place and results are announced by the EC (Election commission). The results of Gujarat General Election were declared soon than expected. However, it cannot be considered as the final Lok Sabha results.

However, as put directly, it will be amazing to see how the Gujarat general election will impact the Lok Sabha election. The elections are to be conducted in May 2019. The election commission has made no detailed announcement yet but it is expected to be soon. The parties are all set to plan their campaign and put the victory in their bag.

No one has yet declared heir nominations. It will be announced prior to the elections. However, this has not stopped parties to stop their planning. After the cold war between Congress and BJP, it will be a sight to watch what the end result will be. People have to wait and see what time has stored in for the leaders. We will see soon whether the Gujarat elections painted a future voting image or there will be going to be a surprise element.

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