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Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018: How Reddy Brothers Have Hijacked Siddaramaiah vs Yeddyurappa Battle in Karnataka Elections

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Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018: How Reddy Brothers Have Hijacked Siddaramaiah vs Yeddyurappa Battle in Karnataka Elections. During the 2010 Monsoon Session of the Karnataka Assembly, the then Opposition party leader Siddaramaiah attacked the Reddy brothers over mining mafia and different alleged criminal activities on the ground of the House.

The entire Reddy social group, crystal rectifier by then minister Gali Janardhana Reddy, reacted angrily, daring Siddaramaiah to go to their fiefdom Bellary “if he had the guts”. They even vulnerable that they might beat him to death if goes there.

PTI photos of Siddaramaiah, Janardhana Reddy, and BS Yeddyurappa.

Thumping his chest, Siddaramaiah warned the Reddy brothers that he would lead a 350-km-long march of the Congress party to Bellary to “teach them a lesson”.

Siddaramaiah crystal rectifier that known ‘padayathra’ to Bellary in August and control a colossal rally of the Congress against the Reddy brothers’ “mafia”. That event modified public perception in favor of him and therefore the Reddy empire began to crumble.

A year later, S Yeddyurappa was forced to quit because the Chief Minister over the Rs fifty,000 large integer mining scam, the Reddys were in remission by the CBI and sent to jail. 2 years later, once Siddaramaiah crystal rectifier the Congress to triumph in Karnataka, Janardhana Reddy was cooling his heels at Chachalguda jail in Hyderabad. His empire was in shambles and Reddy was a persona non grata for the BJP.

After outlay virtually four years in jail as Associate in Nursing under-trial, Janardhana Reddy managed to come back out of it. however, the BJP wasn’t able to bit him even with a pole and therefore the Siddaramaiah government sent him to jail all over again in another mining cases.

After a couple of months, he came out of jail and declared before his circle that it had been currently a personal battle between him and Siddaramaiah which he would “teach him a lesson” among consecutive Assembly Elections.

As secure, Janardhana Reddy is currently back fully type, leading the BJP campaign, threatening to unseat Siddaramaiah. and therefore the battle for Karnataka is obtaining tougher for each.

Surprisingly, seven members of the Reddy social group have secured BJP tickets simply time period once BJP chief Amit Shah repudiated Janardhana Reddy in an exceedingly press meet in Karnataka.

Political Associate in Nursingalysts within the state argue that once realizing that transportation the BJP back to power is an uphill task, the party leaders have reluctantly gone back to the notorious Reddy brothers to realize its goal.

“It goes to be a tricky election. each seat counts. Had we have a tendency to not taken them back within the party, they might have worked against America, defeating the BJP in a minimum of 10-12 seats. Yeddyurappa’s ‘magic’ is additionally not operating within the state. Left with no different possibility, we’ve welcomed them back, giving them seven seats,” aforesaid a senior leader of the state BJP.

The Reddy brothers still fancy plenty of clout in Bellary, neighboring Chitradurga and Raichur districts. Their man Friday and Bellary MP B Sriramulu could be a widespread leader among the regular Tribes.

Despite negative comments from the general public and therefore the media, the BJP has taken them back keeping the election outcome in mind, aforesaid a neighborhood BJP leader.

In 2008, the Reddys were attributable to transportation the BJP to power in an exceedingly southern state with their cash and muscle power. within a month of coming back to power, they started creating not possible demands on Yeddyurappa and at last it crystal rectifier to the disintegration of the BJP 3 years later.

Proving his political necrology writers utterly wrong, Janardhana Reddy has return roaring and vowed that the BJP can rule all over again. His younger brother G Somashekhara Reddy possesses the value ticket from Bellary city, chief assistant B Sriramulu is contesting from two seats — Molakalmuru and Badami, his relatives Sanna Fakeerappa and Suresh man have to boot got tickets, Reddy’s elder brother G Karunakara Reddy, United Nations agency isn’t on smart terms with the social group, has additionally secured party price ticket from Harapanahalli and an added relative Lallesh Reddy possesses nomination from BTM Layout in Bengaluru.

Interestingly, Sriramulu is absorbing Siddaramaiah in Badami and Lesh Reddy is facing Home Minister R Ramalingareddy in BTM Layout.

For the primary time, seven members of the Reddy social group square measure within the race for Vidhana Soudha, creating several BJP leaders uncomfortable. “It was a leader called. What will we have a tendency to do? we have a tendency to square measure embarrassed however helpless,” aforesaid a spokesperson.

The ruling Congress has created the come of the Reddys a giant election issue, business the BJP a corrupt party that’s promising a corruption-free Karnataka. it’s additionally taken a dig at Yeddyurappa United Nations agency couldn’t secure a nomination even for his son Vijayendra against Siddaramaiah’s son Yatheendra in Varuna.

The Congress is additionally accusive the BJP-led Centre of serving to the Reddy brothers by diluting serious criminal charges against them for political advantages.

Reddy brothers even have a private reason to facet with the BJP as a result of the Siddaramaiah government’s call to reinvestigate the ore export scam even once the CBI closed the case.

The Congress built the defection of 2 Reddy loyalists throughout party president Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Bellary and has fielded them on party price ticket. it’s conjointly afraid the Reddy camp. It fears that if the Congress retains power, it will spell doom for his or her family. within the crucial battle for the state, each the BJP and also the Reddys are fighting for his or her survival.

Curiously, the JD(S), that was earlier vocal regarding the Reddy brothers, is maintaining total silence over the Reddys second innings.

If the Reddys win, Siddaramaiah might face bothering. If Siddaramaiah retains power, Reddys can sure as shooting be in bother another time.

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