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Karnataka Election 2019- Dates, Election Schedule, Updates, and Competing Parties

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The elections are something that gets the community Talking. Everyone is waiting for the results and willing to know who won the Elections. Every 5 year when a government completes its 5-year term the elections take place and everyone above 18 years old gets his chance to vote for his favorite party. The party to get maximum votes gets to form the government. The Karnataka Elections 2019 taking place this year as the previous government is completing its 5-year term.

Karnataka Elections 2019 Exit Poll Results –BJP, AAP, Congress, and Others

The Karnataka Elections 2018 will be the fifteenth legislative assembly of the Karnataka. The people of Karnataka are having another chance to elect their Chief Minister and the members of the assembly in the Karnataka Elections 2018. 223 Constituencies are in the legislative assembly of Karnataka. The party having the major number of seats will win the Karnataka Elections 2018. The elections will take place under the guidance of the Election commission of India. Karnataka Elections 2018 are supposed to take place this April or upcoming May. Karnataka Elections 2018 Opinion Poll, Exit Polls, Results – AAP, BJP, Congress & Others have already come out based upon the surveys done by major agencies.

Karnataka Opinion Poll Result 2019

A survey based on the public opinion right before the election is popularly known as Opinion Poll. The opinion polls help to Predict which party will become the future ruling party. The difference between an opinion poll and an exit poll Is that an exit poll is done right after the candidate walks out giving his/ her vote. We are providing an opinion poll on the Karnataka Elections 2018 by the C-FORE. This is only an opinion poll the exit polls will be available right after the elections according to the guidelines of The Election Commission of India.

Karnataka Election 2019 opinion poll result – Survey by C-FORE

This Survey was conducted by C-FORE, a surveying organization. This poll was conducted for the Karnataka Elections 2018 between 19th of July to 10th of August. Over 24 thousand people from 165 assembly constituencies took part in this survey. The survey covered all the district of Karnataka.

According to this survey, the Indian National Congress (INC) can win 120-132 seats and stay up top. The Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) can win 60-72 seats while JDU (Janata Dal-United) can win 24-30 seats. The data for the other parties and candidates that are independent is not decided.

Who will win the Karnataka Elections 2019?

The party having the major number of seats will win the Karnataka elections 2018. The total number of seats in the assembly of Karnataka is 223, so in order to win the Karnataka Elections 2018, the party has to collect 113 seats in total that is about half of 223plus one more percent. The BJP is Congress has the most chance of winning the Karnataka Elections because they’re the most popular parties and the opinion polls suggest that Congress is going to win this having the required number of seats. But anything can happen, you never know who’s the winner until the battle is over. There are also some regional parties having good relationships with the public of Karnataka they will play an important role in these elections as well. It’d be really interesting to see who wins.

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