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Karnataka Election Result 2019 Party Wise Seats Won & Constituency Wise Winners List

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Karnataka Election Result 2019 Party Wise Seats Won & Candidates Wise Results Karnataka Assembly Election Result 2019 Votes, Schedule Counting Dates,  District Wise Elections Results, Participating Parties List, MLA Winners list etc….

One of the most productive states in India is Karnataka; Karnataka has made huge progress in different fields of industry, education, tourism, and agriculture. Bangalore the capital of Karnataka is known as the silicon valley of Asia. The reason behind such a name of Bangalore is its information technology sector. The formation of Karnataka took place back on 1st November 1956. The fastest growing state in our country is Karnataka. We’ll look at the Karnataka Election Polling Results 2018 dates, Vote Counting Dates, Karnataka Election Result 2019 Schedule, Polling Dates, etc.

Schedule of Karnataka Assembly Elections 2019

The election commission had visited Karnataka to evaluate the situation and to make the announcement of the Schedule at the end of March.

Karnataka Assembly Elections 2019 Schedule or Notification Announcement
Poll Notification Apr-17
Nomination last date Apr-24
Scrutiny of Nominations Apr-25
Last date to withdraw candidature Apr-27
No. of Polling Stations 56,696
Polling May-12
No. of Seats 224 (36 SC & 15 ST)
No.of Electors 4.9 crore
Result May-15
No. of Parliamentary constituencies 28
Ruling party INC

As the election dates are announced the election commission has made another announcement that says that model conduct of code will be applied immediately.

Karnataka Election Result 2019 Votes Counting Date

The elections are very near and the people have started thinking about it already. The reputation of politics depends both on the present and the past. Anything can happen and it won’t be accurate to predict the results yet. But there are certain decisive factors that we can keep in mind.

Karnataka is first out of four states to get into an election in 2018 after Gujarat. The other three states Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh are ruled by BJP while Karnataka is the only one ruled by Congress. The assembly election of Karnataka has total of 224 constituencies and to gain the majority a party needs to have 113 seat minimum. The Karnataka elections are taking place on the 12th of May. The election commission has announced the date through a press conference. Caste is the major thing to win the election in Karnataka.

Bharatiya Janata Party has done pretty well In Tripura and also performed really good in Nagaland assembly elections in 2018. Now everyone is looking forward to the Karnataka Elections 2018 because it is ruled by Congress. Karnataka is the only state in south India where the BJP was able to form a government back in 2008-2013 led by BS Yeddyurappa, DV Sadananda Gowda, and Jagadish Shettar. Predictions of the Karnataka Election Result 2019 have already been made by several survey agencies.

BJP lost in 2013 in Karnataka because the people voted negative in Old Mumbai and Coastal Karnataka. In 2008 the combined votes of these two regions do not add up to the results. This is the region where Congress won the hand and emerged victoriously. The reason behind victory of Congress was the infighting of BJP and Yeddyurappa, who formed KJP and disputed the election. Congress got the majority with having 122 seats in the assembly and Siddaramaih became the new chief minister of the state. He promised a transparent administration and has exposed the bad deeds of BJP.

In the current time, BJP has 44 seats and is the principal opposition party while JD(s) has 40 seats in the 224 member assembly. The chief minister of state is blamed for massive corruption by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP Leader Amit Shah. PM Modi said in Bengaluru that the Congress is on exit gates of Karnataka. According to him, Congress has destroyed the state and Karnataka doesn’t need the culture of Congress. The deep roots of Sangh Parivar and strong connections of BJP can help them in the Election.

The state is free from all corruption and scandal after the Congress government came into force in 2013. It’s time for BJP to face it. There are some alleged cases of nepotism and for the propitiation of Dalit and other minorities as per Kannada acronym AHINDE, which the Chief Minister has developed very cautiously. The approach and management of the problems of the people by the Chief Minister himself is the biggest drawback of the government.

Karnataka Assembly Elections Exit Poll Survey 2018

Polling firm/Commissioner Date Published BJP INC JD(S) Others Lead
IndiaTV-VMR 12-May-18 94 97 28 3 3
Republic TV-Jan Ki Baat 12-May-18 105 78 37 2 27
ABP News-C Voter 12-May-18 110 88 24 2 22
Times Now-VMR 12-May-18 87 97 35 3 10
Times Now-Today’s Chanakya 12-May-18 120 73 26 3 47
India Today-Axis My India 12-May-18 85 111 26 0 26
NewsX-CNX 12-May-18 106 75 37 4 31
News Nation 12-May-18 107 73 38 4 34

With such a short amount of time left for Election, Everyone is wondering which party will win the election this year. The major question is will the Congress be able to retain its position in the Karnataka or Modi Flood will wash over the current government as the surveys are suggesting Elections Pre Poll Survey 2018.

Many surveys suggest that the government will be formed only by an alliance as the results of the Elections will be a very close contest between the three major parties in the state namely Bhartiya Janta Party, Indian National Congress and JD(S). The reports from the website oneindia.com include a survey from the agency Creative Centre for Political and Social Studies that Predicts BJP getting 113 seats in the Karnataka while Congress getting 85 seats and Janta Dal reduced to only 25 seats.

A poll from The TV9-C voter poll says that both BJP and Congress will not be able to get the required amount of seats i.e. 113 seats and Janta Dal will be the future decider for both the parties to form the government. The poll says that Congress will get the most number of the seats in the Election but they will not reach the 113 seat mark.

Another poll survey says the Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the leading crowd attraction among all the other leaders and will play a vital role in the Karnataka Election 2018.

Last major Elections that took place in Karnataka were the 2014 Lok Sabha elections where BJP took 17 seats with them while Congress got only 9 seats and Janta Dal only 2. But the Exit Polls Results say that the time will be the deciding factor in the Karnataka Elections and it’s hard to predict the results yet.

Karnataka Elections 2018 survey has been done in the state to get an idea about who will lead the state in future by the agencies TV9-C, C-Fore, Creative Center for Political and Social Studies (COPS) and Suvarna News. Political parties have started preparing for the Elections after they got results from these survey agencies. To attract people parties will soon announce various schemes.

TV9-C voter poll has shown that JD(s) will play a major role in the government this time. This survey says that BJP is likely to get 96 seats while Congress winning 102 seats and JD(s) will have 25 seats. Both BJP and Congress will be surprised after the results say the survey.

Another survey named as Suvarna news survey, says that BJP will win 82 seats, Congress will win 88 seats while Janta Dal will get 12 seats, rest of the seats will be taken over by smaller parties and independent members. This survey was published by the end of 2017.

A survey done by CHC agency says that 73-76 seats will be taken by BJP while Congress getting 77-81 Seats and Janta Dal will have 64-66 seats. This isn’t the result that both Congress and BJP would want. The remaining 3-4 seats are obtained by the smaller parties and independent candidates.

C-FORE Pre-Poll Survey-This survey was published on 26th of March, 2018. According to this survey by C-Fore, Congress may stay the ruling party in Karnataka. The results were predicted very accurately by the C-Fore back in 2013 and Congress would be expecting the same this year also. In 2013 C-Fore survey stated that Congress will win 119-120 seats and Congress won 122 seats later on. This year the C-FORE survey say that Congress will win 126 seats, BJP will win 70 seats and the JDS will win only 27 seats.

a pre-election survey was published on the 2nd of January. According to this survey, the main party will depend on JD(S) and it’ll be Janta Dal that’ll choose between BJP and Congress and the assembly will hang in between these three. The survey Predicts that BJP might win 85-95 seats the Congress can win 90-100 seats. This survey says that both BJP and Congress will not get a majority and in order to make a government one of them has to form an alliance with Janta Dal. Janta Dal is supposed to win 40-45 seats.

The internal surveys conducted by both BJP and Congress have disappointed both of them as the Janta Dal is going to be the kingmaker, suggest the polls. During the survey, most of the people said that they would want Siddaramaiah to be their chief minister again. The surveys indicate that BJP and Congress will be in a tight battle but JD(S) can still turn out to be the kingmaker.

Congress is a strong party in the Karnataka like BJP is in Gujarat, Congress had arranged booth level communities and they check them every now and then. Congress blamed BJP for polarization, this can help them in the Elections too. Congress launched a scheme for poor people in urban areas to give them food on subsidy.

Karnataka has become the top state with corruption and scams in its cities frequently. The mistakes of the Congress government cannot be ignored by the people of Karnataka. This is where the BJP has its chance to emerge victoriously. Congress is limited to Karnataka, Punjab, and Pondicherry, while the rest of the country is now being ruled by the BJP or other governments, Punjab and Karnataka are the only big states ruled by the Congress and Congressmen would not want to lose any of them. Siddaramaiah is the major hope of Congress and he’s asking people to vote for them.

Karnataka Assembly Elections Candidates Wise Polling Result 2019

The date for the counting of votes for the Karnataka Elections 2018 has been announced. We will update the information here in the table given below on 15 May when the votes are to be counted.

Constituency Name Party Candidate Name
Nippani BJP Jolle Shashikala Annasaheb
Chikkodi-Sadalga Congress Ganesh Hukkeri
Athani Congress Mahesh Eranagouda Kumatalli
Kagwad Congress Shrimant Balasaheb Patil
Kudachi (SC) BJP P.Rajeev
Raybag (SC) BJP Aihole Duryodhan Mahalingappa
Hukkeri BJP Umesh Vishwanath Katti
Arabhavi BJP Balachandra Lakshmanarao Jarakiholi
Gokak Congress Ramesh Laxmanrao Jarkiholi
Yemkanmardi (ST) Congress Satish L Jarkiholi
Belgaum Uttar  BJP Anil S Benake
Belgaum Dakshin BJP Abhay Patil
Belgaum Rural Congress Laxmi R Hebbalkar
Khanapur Congress Dr. Anjali Hemant Nimbalkar
Kittur BJP Doddagoudar Mahantesh Basavantaray
Bailhongal Congress Koujalagi. Mahantesh. Shivanand.
Saundatti Yellamma BJP Vishwanath Chandrashekhar Mamani
Ramdurg BJP Mahadevappa Shivalingappa Yadawad
Mudhol (SC) BJP Govind Makthappa Karajol
Terdal BJP Siddu Savadi
Jamkhandi Congress Siddu Bhimappa Nyamgoud
Bilgi BJP Murugesh Rudrappa Nirani
Badami Congress Siddaramaiah
Bagalkot BJP Veerabhadrayya (Veeranna) Charantimath
Hungund BJP Doddanagouda G Patil
Muddebihal BJP A. S. Patil (Nadahalli)
Devar Hippargi BJP Somanagouda B Patil (Sasanur)
Basavana Bagevadi Congress Shivanand Patil
Babaleshwar Congress Mallanagoud Basanagoud Patil
Bijapur City BJP Basanagoud .R. Patil (Yatnal)
Nagthan (SC) JDS Devanand Fulasing Chavan
Indi Congress Yashavanthar Aygouda Vittalagouda Patil
Sindgi JDS Managuli Mallappa Channaveerappa
Afzalpur Congress MY Patil
Jevargi Congress Ajay Dharam Singh
Shorapur (ST) BJP Narasimhanayak(Rajugouda)
Shahapur Congress Sharanabasappa Gouda Darshanapur
Yadgir BJP Venkatreddy Mudnal
Gurmitkal JDS Naganagouda Kandkur
Chittapur (SC) Congress Priyank Kharge
Sedam BJP Rajkumar Patil
Chincholi (SC) Congress Dr. Umesh G. Jadhav
Gulbarga Rural (SC) BJP Basawaraj Mattimud
Gulbarga Dakshin BJP Dattatraya C Patil Revoor Appu Gouda
Gulbarga Uttar BJP Dattatraya C Patil Revoor Appu Gouda
Aland BJP Guttedar Subhash Rukmayya
Basavakalyan Congress B. Narayanrao
Homnabad Congress Rajshekhar Basavaraj Patil
Bidar South JDS Bandeppa Khashampur
Bidar Congress Rahim Khan
Bhalki Congress Eshwar Khandre
Aurad (SC) BJP Prabhu Chauhan
Raichur Rural (ST) Congress Basanagouda Daddal
Raichur BJP Dr. Shivaraj Patil
Manvi (ST) JDS Raja Venkatappa Nayak Raja Ambanna Nayak
Devadurga (ST) BJP K. Shivana Gouda Nayak
Lingsugur (SC) Congress D. S. Hoolageri
Sindhanur JDS Venkat Rao Nadagouda
Maski (ST) Congress Pratapagouda Patil
Kushtagi Congress Amaregouda Linganagouda Patil Bayyapur
Kanakagiri (SC) BJP Basavaraj Dadesugur
Gangawati BJP Paranna Eshwarappa Munavalli
Yelburga BJP Achar Halappa Basappa
Koppal Congress K. Raghavendra Basavaraj Hintal
Shirahatti (SC) BJP Ramappa Sobeppa Lamani
Gadag Congress H.K. Patil
Ron BJP Kalakappa Gurushantappa Bandi
Nargund BJP C.C. Patil
Navalgund BJP Shankar B. Patil Munenakoppa
Kundgol Congress Channabasappa Sathyappa Shivalli
Dharwad BJP Amrupayyappa Desai
Hubli-Dharwad-East (SC) Congress Abbayya Prasad
Hubli-Dharwad-Central BJP Jagadish Shettar
Hubli-Dharwad- West BJP Aravind Bellad
Kalghatgi BJP C.M. Nimbannavar
Haliyal Congress Deshpande R.V.
Karwar BJP Roopali Santosh Naik
Kumta BJP Dinakar Keshav Shetty
Bhatkal BJP Sunil Biliya Naik
Sirsi BJP Kageri Vishweshwar Hegde
Yellapur Congress Arabail Hebbar Shivaram
Hangal BJP Udasi C M
Shiggaon BJP Basavaraj Bommai
Haveri (SC) BJP Neharu Olekar
Byadgi BJP Ballary Virupakshappa Rudrappa
Hirekerur Congress BC Patil
Ranibennur KPJP R Shankar
Hadagalli (SC) JDS M.V Veerabhadraiah
Hagaribommanahalli (SC) Congress Bheema Naik LBP
Vijayanagara Congress Anand Singh
Kampli (ST) Congress J.N. Ganesh
Siruguppa (ST) BJP M.S. Somalingappa
Bellary (ST) Congress B. Nagendra
Bellary City BJP G. Somasekhara Reddy
Sandur (ST) Congress E. Tukaram
Kudligi (ST) BJP N.Y. Gopalakrishna
Molakalmuru (ST) BJP B. Sreeramulu
Challakere (ST) Congress T. Raghumurthy
Chitradurga BJP G. H Thippa Reddy
Hiriyur BJP K. Poornima
Hosadurga BJP Gulhatty D. Shekhar
Holalkere (SC) BJP M.Chandrappa
Jagalur (ST) BJP S.V.Ramachandra
Harapanahalli BJP G. Karunakara Reddy
Harihar Congress S. Ramaappa
Davanagere North BJP S.A. Ravindranath
Davanagere South Congress Shamanur Shivashankarappa
Mayakonda (SC) BJP N. Liganna
Channagiri BJP K.Madal Veerupakshappa
Honnali BJP M P Renukacharya
Shimoga Rural (SC) BJP K.B. Ashok Naik
Bhadravati Congress B.K. Sangameshwara
Shimoga BJP Eshwarappa
Tirthahalli BJP Araga Jnanendra
Shikaripura BJP B. S. Yeddyurappa
Sorab BJP S. Kumara Bangarappa
Sagar BJP H Halappa Harathalu
Byndoor BJP B.M. Sukumar Shetty
Kundapura BJP Halady Srinivas Shetty
Udupi BJP K.Raghupathi Bhat
Kapu BJP Lalaji R. Mendon
Karkar BJP V. Sunil Kumar
Sringeri Congress T.D. Rajegowda
Mudigere (SC) BJP M.P. Kumaraswamy
Chikmagalur BJP C.T. Ravi
Tarikere BJP D.S. Suresh
Kadur BJP Belliprakash
Chiknayakanhalli BJP J.C. Madhu Swamy
Tiptur BJP B.C. Nagesh
Turuvekere BJP Jayaram A S
Kunigal Congress Dr H.D. Ranganath
Tumkur City BJP G.B Jyothi Ganesh
Tumkur Rural JDS D.C. Gowrishankar
Koratagere (SC) Congress Dr. G. Parameshwara
Gubbi JDS S R Srinivas (Vasu)
Sira JDS B Sathyanarayana
Pavagada (SC) Congress Venkata Ramanappa
Madhugiri JDS M.V Veerabhadraiah
Gauribidanur Congress N.H.Shivashankara Reddy
Bagepalli Congress S.N. Subbareddy
Chikkaballapur Congress Dr. K. Sudhakar
Sidlaghatta Congress V. Muniyappa
Chintamani JDS J K Krishna Reddy
Srinivaspur Congress K R Ramesh Kumar
Mulbagal (SC) JDS H. Nagesh
Kolar Gold Field (SC) Congress Roopakala. M
Bangarapet (SC) Congress S.N. Narayanaswamy K.M
Kolar Congress Roopakala. M
Malur Congress K.Y. Nanjegowda
Yelahanka BJP S.R.Vishwanath
K.R.Pura Congress B.A. Basavaraja
Byatarayanapura Congress Krishna Byregowda
Byatarayanapura Congress Krishna Byregowda
Yeshvanthapura Congress S.T.Somashekhar
Rajarajeshwarinagar Congress N.A
Dasarahalli JDS R. Manjunatha
Mahalakshmi Layout JDS K. Goapalaiah
Malleshwaram BJP Dr. Ashwath Narayan.C. N
Hebbal Congress Suresha BS
Pulakeshinagar (SC) Congress R. Akhanda Srinivasamurthi
Sarvagnanagar Congress KJ George
C.V. Raman Nagar (SC) BJP S.Raghu
Shivajinagar Congress R. Roshan Baig
Shanti Nagar Congress NA Harris
Gandhi Nagar Congress Dinesh Gundu Rao
Rajaji Nagar BJP S. Suresh Kumar
Govindraj Nagar BJP V Somanna
Vijay Nagar Congress M . Krishnappa
Chamrajpet Congress B.Z. Zameer Ahmed Khan
Chickpet BJP Uday B Garudachar
Basavanagudi BJP Ravi Subramanya L.A.
Padmanaba Nagar BJP R Ashoka
B.T.M Layout Congress Ramalinga Reddy
Jayanagar N.A. N.A.
Mahadevapura (SC) BJP Aravind Limavali
Bommanahalli BJP Sathish Reddy M
Bangalore South BJP M Krishnappa
Anekal (SC) BJP A Narayanaswamy
Hosakote Congress M.T.B. Nagaraju
Devanahalli (SC) JDS Nisarga Narayana Swamy L.N
Doddaballapur INC T. Venkataramanaiah (Appakaranahalli. T. Venkatesh)
Nelamangala (SC) JDS Dr.K. Sreenivasa Murthy
Magadi JDS A. Manjunath
Ramanagaram JDS HD Kumarswamy
Kanakapura Congress Dr. D. Shivakumar
Channapatna JDS H.D. Kumaraswamy
Malavalli (SC) JDS Dr. K. Annadani
Maddur JDS D.C. Thammanna
Melukote JDS C.S. Puttaraju
Mandya JDS M.Srinivas
Shrirangapattana JDS Ravindra Srikantaiah
Nagamangala JDS Suresh Gowdaa
Krishnarajpet JDS Narayanagowda
Shravanabelagola JDS C N Balakrishna
Arsikere JDS KM Shivalinge Gowda
Belur JDS Lingesha K.S
Hassan BJP Preetham J Gouda
Holenarasipur JDS H.D.Revanna
Arkalgud JDS A.T. Ramaswamy
Sakleshpur (SC) JDS Kumara Swamy.H. K
Belthangady BJP Harish Poonja
Moodabidri BJP Umanatha. A. Kotian
Bangalore City North BJP Bharath Shetty
Bangalore City South BJP M Krishnappa
Bantval BJP Rajesh Naik U
Puttur BJP Sanjeeva Matandoor
Sullia (SC) BJP Angara S.
Madikeri BJP Appachu Ranjan M P
Virajpet BJP K G Bopaiah
Periyapatna JDS K. Mahadeva
Krishnarajanagara JDS Sa. Ra. Mahesh
Hunsur JDS Adaguru H Vishwanath
Heggadadevankote (ST) Congress Anil Kumar C
Nanjangud (SC) BJP Harshavardhan B
Chamundeshwari JDS G.T.Devegowda
Krishnaraja BJP S.A. Ramadas
Chamaraja BJP L. Nagendra
Narasimharaja Congress Tanveer Sait
Varuna Congress Yathindra S
T.Narasipur (SC) JDS Ashvin Kumar .M
Hanur Congress R. Narendra
Kollegal (SC) BSP N Mahesh
Chamarajanagar Congress C Puttarangashetty
Gundlupet BJP C.S.Niranjan Kumar

View Here Constituency-wise Report of Electors in the FINAL ROLL 2018

This table will be updated as soon as the counting starts. Various rallies are being conducted by BJP and Janta Dal to point out the shortcomings of the Congress government. The people of Karnataka love Narendra Modi more than any other political leader because Modi talks about the development of jobs, education, roads, and water facilities in the state.BJP took 17 Lok Sabha seats in 2014 under the influence of Modi. BJP is declared as the Lok Sabha election winner of Karnataka. With his chief ministerial candidate, B.S. Yeddyurappa BJP will give Congress a tough fight this year.

Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018 Results Party wise Seats won

Party name Seats
Indian National Congress (INC) 78
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) 104
Karnataka Pragnyavantha Janatha Party (KPJP) 1
Janata Dal (Secular) JD(S) 37
Bahujan Samajwadi Party (SP) 1
Independent (IND) 1
Vacant seat 2
Total 224

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