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Karnataka Exit Polls 2018, Opinion Poll, Latest News, Poll Date, Result: All you need to know

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April 18 is the deadline for Narendra Modi set by First Female Lingayat Seer Endorses Siddaramaiah

The first female Lingayat seer, Mate Mahadevi has asked the community to back the Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and Congress party in the upcoming assembly elections in the Karnataka. She said BJP is lying and misguiding people, slamming Amit Shah. She is asking PM Narendra Modi to announce a separate religion status before April 18, the day of Basava Jayanti. Siddaramaiah had mocked Amit Shah for his “Modi flood” campaign, saying that the leaders of BJP didn’t consider that “forgot that floods are bad for farmers, Dalits and poor”.

Election Polls by different Media


On Jan 5, 2018, A pre-poll survey was published by TV9-CVoter. The survey predicted a hung assembly and JD(S) was dubbed as the kingmaker. According to the survey INC is about to win 102 seats, while BJP will win 96 seats, JDs will win 15, while only 1 seat for others.

Public TV

On Jan 2, 2018,  Public TV published a pre-poll survey This survey to predicts a hung Assembly with main power lying with JD(S) to take one of the leading parties(BJP and Congress) to rulership. According to this survey, BJP will win 85-95 seats, Congress will win about 90-100 seats. Both parties are not able to gain the majority according to this survey so the party to rule the state would be the one to make a successful alliance with JD(S), that’s going to win about 40-45 seats.

Creative Center for Political and Social Studies

On Feb 2, 2018, this survey was published. This survey declares BJP as the victorious party with 113 seats. This survey gives INC 85 seats 25 to JDS while only one seat is given to others.

 CHS pre-poll survey

 This pre-poll survey clearly indicates that the formation of a majority government in the state of Karnataka is going to be a tough job. On 13 January 2018, this exit poll was published. This survey shows a 73-76 seat victory for BJP while Congress winning 77-81 seats. JDS will be winning 64-66 seats, the remaining 4-5 seats are taken by the other small parties taking part in the Karnataka elections. This result is not good news for both BJP and INC. The survey conducted by CHS agency, that suggests both the parties to work hard to be at the top in the elections.

C-Fore Pre-Poll Survey

This survey was published on the 26th of March, 2018. According to this survey by C-Fore, Congress may stay the ruling party in Karnataka. The results were predicted very accurately by the C-Fore back in 2013 and Congress would be expecting the same this year also. In 2013 C-Fore survey stated that Congress will win 119-120 seats and Congress won 122 seats later on. This year the C-FORE survey say that Congress will win 126 seats, BJP will win 70 seats and the JDS will win only 27 seats.

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