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Madhya Pradesh General (Lok Sabha) Election Results 2019 – Parliamentary Polls

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Lok Sabha Election Result 2019: [MP] Madhya Pradesh General (Lok Sabha) Election Results 2019-Parliamentary Polls: Another state that is considered very important for the elections of Lok Sabha is Madhya Pradesh. MP has a total of 29 Constituencies out of which 4 are reserved for Scheduled Caste and 6 are for the Scheduled Tribes. Each constituency has different importance in the election and even with one extra seat, it can help someone win.

In 2014, Lok Sabha elections, Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) manage to shun all of the countries and come out as a winner leaving everyone speechless. They managed to create history by winning with a maximum number of seats. Prime Minister seat was reserved for Narendra Modi and he has been running the Government till now. However, since the span of 5 years are almost over. It is time to choose the new Government or maybe repeat this one only.

This will be decided by the upcoming election in 2019 where the PM of India will be elected to serve his 5 years. During this time it will be astounding to see who will come out as a winner. Each and every party is getting a mixed response from the people of this nation making it difficult to understand the result of upcoming elections.

Constituency Wise Madhya Pradesh Lok Sabha Election Results 2014

Constituency Name Category Winning Candidate Winning Party
Morena GEN Anoop Mishra BJP
Bhind (SC) Dr. Bhagirath Prasad BJP
Gwalior GEN Narendra Singh Tomar BJP
Guna GEN Jyotiraditya M Scindia INC
Sagar GEN Laxmi Narayan Yadav BJP
Tikamgarh (SC) Dr. Virendra Kumar BJP
Damoh GEN Prahalad Singh Patel BJP
Khajuraho GEN Nagendra Singh BJP
Satna GEN Ganesh Singh BJP
Rewa GEN Janardan Mishra BJP
Sidhi GEN Ritu Pathak BJP
Shahdol (ST) Dalpat Singh Paraste BJP
Jabalpur GEN Rakesh Singh BJP
Mandla (ST) Faggan Singh Kulaste BJP
Balaghat GEN Bodhsingh Bhagat BJP
Chhindwara GEN Kamal Nath INC
Hoshangabad GEN Uday Pratap Singh BJP
Vidisha GEN Sushma Swaraj BJP
Bhopal GEN Alok Sanjar BJP
Rajgarh GEN Rodmal Nagar BJP
Dewas (SC) Manohar Untwal BJP
Ujjain (SC) Prof. Chintamani Malviya BJP
Mandsaur GEN Sudhir Gupta BJP
Ratlam (ST) Dileep Singh Bhuria BJP
Dhar (ST) Savitri Thakur BJP
Indore GEN Sumitra Mahajan (Tai) BJP
Khargone (ST) Subhash Patel BJP
Khandwa GEN Nandkumar Singh Chouhan (Nandu Bhaiya) BJP
Betul (ST) Jyoti Dhurve BJP

Constituency Wise Madhya Pradesh Lok Sabha Election Results 2019

Constituency Name Category Winning Candidate Winning Party
Morena GEN
Bhind (SC)
Gwalior GEN
Guna GEN
Sagar GEN
Tikamgarh (SC)
Damoh GEN
Khajuraho GEN
Satna GEN
Rewa GEN
Sidhi GEN
Shahdol (ST)
Jabalpur GEN
Mandla (ST)
Balaghat GEN
Chhindwara GEN
Hoshangabad GEN
Vidisha GEN
Bhopal GEN
Rajgarh GEN
Dewas (SC)
Ujjain (SC)
Mandsaur GEN
Ratlam (ST)
Dhar (ST)
Indore GEN
Khargone (ST)
Khandwa GEN
Betul (ST)

Once the votes of all the constituencies will be done. The votes will be saved and send to the EC department for further process. Once the voting in all the states will be done, one by one the votes will be opened and the winners of each constituency will be declared. The party that had more than 50 percent of constituencies under their name will be the announced winner. The nominee from the party will take the PM seat and run the government for the next 5 years.

Many parties will run in the name of these constituencies in MP and elections will be held where people can vote for their nominees. EVM machines are used to avoid any type of fake and fraud votes. The voters will press the button in front of the party name and hence the voting procedure will be done. It is not possible that the election in all the constituencies at the same time. They will be divided and then the elections will occur.

However, no updates on a nominee for the PM seat has been announced yet. It is said that when EC will make announced then the parties will come into action. However, there are some parties that will announce PM candidate after the elections or 2 weeks prior to the election. It depends on the party approach. There is its benefit to announcing it beforehand but it is completely the party’s choice.

These are the only updates for now. Keep checking the website for more updates in the future.

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